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Our company Pals Group Inc., is a dependable and experienced manufacturer and supplier of superior quality dry goods to food service entities, and businesses that cater diverse ethnic groups, including Caribbean and Hispanics.


We are an established business, backed by a professional team composed of individuals with unmatched insight and understanding of the food industry, as well as consumer behaviors and trends.


There are many benefits resulting from partnering up with our company, some of them include our unparalleled level of customer service, our desire to understand and to listen to our customers’ needs, the ability to respond on time and with proven solutions, our order fill rates, which is second to none, the selection and availability of our products, and especially, our commitment to always deliver what we promised.


Our customers, partners, and nationwide distributors, know that they can rely on our team to obtain the best products, the best value, and the best advice to make their businesses succeed.



Our company Pals Group Inc., has been successfully distributing our Lakay brand products for nearly 11 years to numerous prestigious and renowned companies in the food service industry, including grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurant chains, the hospitality industry and other well-established food retailers locally and nationwide.


We are equipped with our fleet of trucks to conduct door-to-door deliveries within South Florida, and we work with our trusted partners to distribute nationwide as well as to the Caribbean, in an effort to make our delicious and assorted products available to our loyal customer base.


Being a family owned and operated company, enables us to offer personalized attention to each of our customers, and to maintain excellence and quality in our products, services, and business interactions.  Each member of our team is involved in our operations from beginning to end, ensuring that we deliver as promised, and that our products arrive to their destinations on time and in optimal conditions

Supplier Relations


At Lakay we have high standards, therefore we only work with top quality suppliers and growers that are geared towards sourcing food products that are harvested with care, responsibly and through safe practices above all.


We strive to comply with all food regulations, we work hard to ensure food safety, and we invest all of our efforts in providing our customers with items that are flavorful, superior in quality and that will ultimately exceed consumer expectations.


If you are interested in partnering with Pals Group Inc., and becoming one of our trusted suppliers, we encourage you to contact our team to explore any available opportunities.


We thank you for your interest in our company and we share upfront that we only work with established companies that are professional, reliable, and most importantly that share our same values, mission, and commitment of excellence.




We take great pride in mentioning that for eleven years, Pals Group Inc., has been serving food service operators including grocery stores, supermarket chains, fast food chains, cafeterias, the hospitality industry, and many other well established businesses located in Florida and nationwide.


Our company offers full service solutions including direct store deliveries, display set-ups, product re-stocking, packaging services and order fulfillment to list a few. In addition, we are a trusted-partner committed to providing cost effective and reliable options, on time deliveries, and especially we are devoted to helping our customers succeed in their food service businesses’.


Backed with a professional and experienced team, our fleet of trucks, modern facilities and equipment, and an assorted selection of Caribbean and Hispanic foods, we are the partners of choice for customers seeking a leading and dependable supplier of the best and most assorted selection of specialty dry goods in the region.


With two strategic locations, in Miami and Orlando, our company covers the entire Florida region to deliver our products as needed, and for our customers outside of Florida, we developed strategic business relations with reliable professionals, who manage our order fulfillments, distribution channels, and conduct door-to-door deliveries nationwide and even internationally.

Address: 5761 NW 37th Avenue Ste 101 Miami, FL 33142     •     Phone: 305-638-7355      •     Fax: 305-638-8655