Our Brand


Our company Pals Group Inc., is the proud manufacturer and distributor of the Lakay Brand products ranging from corn meal, flours and cereals, to cassava bread, canned seafood, canned tomato paste, beverages, coconut milk and coconut water, condiments and other delicious cooking ingredients, to make from the most traditional to the most innovative Caribbean and Hispanic style recipes.


In addition, we offer one of the largest selections and assorted varieties of rice and beans, including basmati, jasmine and parboiled rice, black beans, red, pinto, and top top pinto beans, all in a array of sizes and packaging options to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Our team strives to make our products available to food service operators searching for authentic, and top grade ingredients that will help them delight their patrons with unique and traditional dishes belonging to diverse ethnic regions.


We are committed to delivering product diversity and quality, coupled with reasonable prices!




Our Lakay rice line features a vast selection of extra super quality Jasmine white scented rice, super Basmati premium aged parboiled rice, and long grain enriched parboiled among others.


All of our products come in a variety of sizes and packaging options ranging from 3.5 lbs., 5.0 lbs., to10 lbs., 20 lbs. and 25 lbs.  Other custom sizes can be available upon request.


We take great pride in knowing that our Lakay brand products are the best option, and we invite you to check our recipes area and discover the multiple and delicious dishes that can be created with our superior quality ingredients.


Lakay brings a taste of home to your table!




Our superior line of bean products is very extensive and features a great variety that includes black, red kidney, small red, white, pinto, and top top pinto beans.


Beans are well known for their nutritional properties and as a great source of fiber, and for delivering the perfect flavors when served with rice, soups, stews, or Caribbean style with warm flavors of coconut, spices and the right amount of condiments turning it into a scrumptious and irresistible dish!


Our selection comes in a variety of sizes and packaging options designed to meet our customers’ unique needs and specifications, which makes it convenient for restaurant owners, supermarkets, convenient stores and retailers who come to us as a result of our flexibility, the quality of our products, and our dedication to serve them.


Corn Meal, Flours & Cereals


Our Lakay line of grains ranges from broken corn, to corn flour, corn meal, wheat, cereals, to a variety of grits including super, coarse and fine grits, to instant oatmeal among others.


Packaging sizes vary from 2lbs., 3.5lbs., to 10lbs., and 20lbs. and products can be ordered in pallets and cases depending on our customers’ individual needs.


We offer a variety of options in an effort to assist our customers in the food service industry to obtain superior quality products, and all the ingredients required to prepare the most authentic ethnic dishes to their patrons, family and friends.



Cassava Bread


Cassava (Yucca) bread is well known for its rich fiber content, for having zero cholesterol, zero fat and zero sodium.


It is a very ancient food used in the Taino diet and it can be served with a mixture of dishes including sweet and salty treats.  Its mild flavors, crunchiness and great nutritional properties make it the perfect ingredient for just about anything!


Our company offers a comprehensive selection of Caribbean and Hispanic goods made of superior ingredients form around the world.  We distribute them to food service operators in Miami, and we use strategic partners to reach our loyal patrons outside the Florida region, including New York, New Jersey, Boston, Atlanta and the Caribbean to list a few.






Pals Group Inc., the home of the Lakay brand, offers a great selection of canned goods from around the world, including seafood items such as:

  • Mackerel in hot sauce
  • Mackerel in tomato sauce
  • Sardines in oil
  • Sardines in hot sauce
  • Sardines in tomato sauce


Our seafood items come from China and Ecuador and they are made with top grade ingredients to ensure great flavors and textures.  We offer our customers in the food industry, a variety of packaging and size options in an effort to meet their individual needs as well as their business requirements.



Tomato Paste


Our Lakay brand tomato paste is made of 100% top quality ingredients!


It is an essential cooking element for multiple ethnic cuisines including Hispanic and Caribbean style dishes, ranging from: white rice and tin mackerel in tomato sauce, to Caribbean chicken in tomato sauce, to sofrito and huevos rancheros among many others.


Our tomato paste options come in cans of 29oz. and 106oz. and can be ordered per pallets or per case depending on our customers’ individual needs.


We stand behind quality food products!






Our company Pals Group Inc., offers a variety of beverage options for the most discerning tastes.  Our selection includes:

  • Kola products
  • Banana soda champagne 12oz.
  • Banana soda fruit cola champagne 20oz.
  • Champagne banana 2lt.
  • Vanilla corn drink 11oz.

In addition, we offer our Lakay brand of delicious juices and drinks including:

  • Mango-carrot 16oz.
  • Lemonade 16oz.
  • Orange-carrot 16oz.
  • Tropical- carrot 16oz.


Our products deliver tropical and fruity flavors that refresh! They are made with premium grade ingredients and packed with vitamins A&C and many other nutritious ingredients.



Coconut Milk & Water


Coconut milk and coconut water are essential ingredients to the Caribbean, Asian and Hispanic cultures.  At Pals Group Inc., the home of the Lakay brand products, we strive to deliver a great selection of goods to the diverse ethnic groups found in the Florida region and also nationwide.


We have coconut milk and coconut water product that include:

  • Top top Lakay brand 14oz. canned coconut milk
  • Lakay brand 14oz. canned coconut milk
  • Lakay brand 16.9oz. canned coconut water


If you are a restaurant owner, or food service operator searching for superior quality ingredients to delight your patrons with delicious recipes such as roasted chicken in coconut milk, or coconut snowball cookies, coconut pudding, curried coconut carrot soup, or a creation of your own, our Lakay products will exceed your expectations!







Pals Group Inc., offers a vast variety of dry and canned goods including grains, rice, beans, corn, flour, oatmeal, canned tomato sauce and canned seafood, as well as condiments and seasonings to list a few.


We are known as reliable suppliers and distributors of top grade ingredients from around the world, and for making our products available to our customers on time and cost effectively.


We take great pride in knowing that with our products, we enable food service operators to create the most delightful and authentic dishes in a variety of cuisines, for the diverse ethnic groups found locally and nationwide.


Among our condiments we offer:

  • Lemon blend from concentrate
  • Bitter orange
  • Mojo criollo marinade
  • Vinegar
  • Vegetable oil


Our wealth of products result in the most flavorful and unforgettable food creations!

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