About our Company


Pals Group Inc. is a family owned and operated business that for a decade has been dedicated to serve a diverse ethnic audience including Caribbean and Hispanic groups locally and nationwide, and fulfill the growing demand for superior food products.  Our company’s goal since day one has been to excel in customer service, quality goods at competitive prices, unparalleled selection and availability.


We are driven by our values, our heritage and traditions, and we work hard to preserve them from generation to generation. In an effort to conserve our identity and backgrounds, we labeled our products with the Creole-Haitian expression “Lakay” which captures a “sense of belonging”, of “home” within this particular ethnic group.  Today everyone knows us as Lakay and everyone proudly identifies with our highly regarded brand!


Equipped with an experienced, dedicated and diverse team, our company understands the needs and challenges within our industry, and we respond to each of our customers’ needs on time, with proven solutions and with the support and attention they deserve.


Customers in the food service and retail industry, know that they can rely on our team to supply and distribute superior quality products that end consumers and patrons will enjoy in their daily life, and that they will feel happy and safe to share with their loved ones.

5761 NW 37th Avenue Ste 101 Miami, FL 33142

Phone: 305-638-7355

Fax: 305-638-8655