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Our company Pals Group Inc., is the proud manufacturer and distributor of the Lakay Brand products ranging from corn meal, flours and cereals, to cassava bread, canned seafood, canned tomato paste, beverages, coconut milk and coconut water, condiments and other delicious cooking ingredients, to make from the most traditional to the most innovative Caribbean and Hispanic style recipes.


In addition, we offer one of the largest selections and assorted varieties of rice and beans, including basmati, jasmine and parboiled rice, black beans, red, pinto, and top top pinto beans, all in a array of sizes and packaging options to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Our team strives to make our products available to food service operators searching for authentic, and top grade ingredients that will help them delight their patrons with unique and traditional dishes belonging to diverse ethnic regions.


We are committed to delivering

product diversity and quality,

coupled with reasonable prices!

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